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Roughneck II™ Used Anti-freeze Drain 4110-023

par Balcrank
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The Roughneck II Drain captures used fluids and transfers them to any bulk storage tank. The unit uses regular shop air and can be pressurized to allow for self-evacuating.


  • Patented automatic fluid evacuation valve eliminates gravity draining, pouring, or the need for an evacuation pump
  • 23 gallon storage tank; fewer drain intervals
  • A low pressure safety valve prevents over pressurization of tank
  • Clear evacuation hose; provides fast fluid evacuation and shows fluid levels in tank


  • 19.25″ diameter catch basin that features an inlet filter screen and s-hooks for tools.
  • ‘Splashguard” bowl design prevents splattering, speeds drainage.
  • Fully adjustable bowl height from 47″ to 74″.
  • One touch operation. No ball valves required for evacuation of fluid.
  • Roughneck outlet tube mounts securely into bulk used fluid reservoir.
  • Seven foot evacuation tube provides sight gauge for fluid level.
  • Tank handle makes maneuvering easy.
  • Heavy gauge, all-steel construction guarantees long life.
  • Tip-resistant balanced design.
  • Large diameter rear rubber wheels and non-marking wide front casters maneuver the toughest shop floors.
  • Quick Connect adapters sold separately.



Air Pressure Operating Range: 5-25 psi (.34-1.72 bar)
Tank Capacity: 23 gal (87 l)
Telescoping Range: 47”-74” (1.19-1.88 m)
Maximum Pressure: 25 psi (1.72 bar)
Pressure Relief Valve: 30 psi (2.07 bar)
Air Inlet Size (Quick-connect): 1/4” NPT
Fluid Outlet Nozzle: 1” OD
Estimated Evacuation Time: 3 - 4 min.
Wetted Materials: Zinc Plated Steel, Steel, Viton®, HDPE, and PVC

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