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GPI 12 Volt Aluminum Housing Oil Transfer Pump (16 QPM) L5016 142100-03

par GPI
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Prix d'origine $1,480.81
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Prix d'origine $1,480.81
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Prix actuel $1,396.99

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GPI L5016 142100-03 12-Volt DC Oil Transfer Pump for high viscosity fluids. Delivers up to 16 QPM (15 LPM). This lube pump includes 2-piece suction pipe, 8 foot hose, 90 degree street elbow and ball valve nozzle.

The GPI L-Series oil pump is ideal for use with new oil (up to 90 wt.), waste oil, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze or other non-flammable oil-based solvents. It features a gerotor gear design and durable, light weight cast aluminum housing. With a motor delivering flow rates up to 16 QPM (15 L/min.), it is engineered for long life and limited maintenance. The L-Series pump is complete with a ball valve nozzle, 8-ft. (2.5 m) dispensing hose, a telescoping suction pipe to fit tank depths between 15 in. and 40 in., and three-prong plug-in. The motor is a UL recognized component and CSA approved with a 1-year warranty.


  • Thermally protected 0.5 HP motor is designed for long life and limited maintenance.
  • Specifically designed for use with high viscosity fluids.
  • Thermal limiting motor protection extends motor life.
  • Weight centering inlet base reduces tank stress includes pressure relief valve and provides easy strainer access.
  • Use in ordinary locations only. Not for outdoor or hazardous locations.
  • Wetted materials: aluminum, stainless steel, brass, steel, nitrile rubber & zinc plated steel.
  • Motor is UL recognized component and CSA approved. 1-yr warranty.