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par Balcrank
Prix d'origine $417.67 - Prix d'origine $459.40
Prix d'origine
$417.67 - $459.40
Prix actuel $417.67

Typical Applications: Automotive Dealerships, Fleet Service, Industrial plants, Tire Center, Transmission Centers


Type(s): Enclosed

All steel enclosed cabinet hose reels improve the appearance of any shop. Standard color is black and six special colors are
available to match workbenches, and automotive lifts.

Custom Reels
CUSTOM and SPECIAL color painted reels can add style to an installation and match OEM color schemes.

Custom colors are available on all Classic open and enclosed reels. Balcrank’s STANDARD paint color for reels is semi-gloss black.

SPECIAL colors are available in: yellow, white, blue, silver, red, green, and textured black. All SPECIAL color reel orders require a
minimum 2-week lead time.

CUSTOM colors are also available on open and enclosed Classic reels. Balcrank can match CUSTOM colors based on specifications
supplied by the customer. All CUSTOM colors require a minimum 6-week lead time. Additional fees may apply.