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This BULK LUBE OIL TRANSFER PUMP SKID SYSTEM, currently sits at a very high profile facility.  The design and concept of this package was performed by mocking up a wooden frame system to ensure every component had not only its place on the system, but also to ensure that ease of use for the operator.  The bulk lube oil transfer pump skid system came to solve a big problem for this customer. Help minimize waste of having to flush his lines prior to the next delivery.  The cost of flushing 5 gallons every time adds up fairly quickly.  This multi pump transfer system is completely self sufficient with its own generator, 4 different pumps, 4 different registers & meters, and 4 independent hose reels.

The results, waste was eliminated by not having to flush the lines with new lube oil every time.  By this sheer fact, a unit like this can pay for itself in a year or less.