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Pit Boss Rolling Pit Drain

par Balcrank
Prix d'origine $1,668.11 - Prix d'origine $1,802.97
Prix d'origine
$1,668.11 - $1,802.97
Prix actuel $1,802.97

The Pit Boss Rolling pit drain captures used fluids. Specifically designed to easily roll on guide tracks in the user’s pit and connect to a used fluid evacuation system.



• Two anti-splash baffles, side splash guards and a metal catch screen.
• Front and rear drain ports.
• 3” diameter wheels which are mounted to accommodate a pit track width of 34″ to 53″.
• Tool shelf below the tank for pit service tools.
• Powder coated for corrosion resistance with high quality powder coating. Drain is available in safety yellow.
• All steel design, made in the USA.
• This unit requires the use of a dry-break or cam-lock kit Quick Connect adapters sold separately,



Tank Capacity: 34 gal (1287 l)
Adjustable height: 2” (0.05 m)
Fluid Outlet: 1” NPT
Wetted Materials: Zinc Plated Steel, Steel, Viton®, HDPE, and PVC



4140-011 Rolling Pit Drain with Quick Connect Kit 4140-021
4140-020 Pit Drain

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