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Hi-Flow Metered Control Handle

par Balcrank
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$1,021.29 - $1,040.93
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High Flow Control Handle is designed for service where larger volume deliveries are required.
• High volume rigid or flexible outlets with non-drip tip.
• Outlet with 3/4” or 1” BSPP (M) connection thread and bonded seal to assure a leak free operation.
• Used where metered fast delivery is required
• Ideal for bulk fill, transfer, and high flow dispense
• Heavy duty rigid design



• High volume lubricants dispensing and bulk oil transfer on busy truck garages
• Mining and construction vehicles
• Lube and service trucks
• Manufacturing plants



Units of measure: Batch: Liters, quarts, pints, gallons
Accuracy: +/-0,5% of reading
Flow Range: 0.26-18 gal/min) (2-70 l/min)
Max pressure: 1,450 psi (100 bar)
Swivel inlet: 3/4” & 1” BSPP (F) Inlet
Operating Temp: -10 to 158 ºF (-23 to 70 ºC)
Weight: 4.4 lbs (2kg)
Compatible Fluids: Lubricants, Diesel, Oil, ATF, Antifreeze, Gear Oil Maximum viscosity SAE 140
Wetted Materials: Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), aluminium, stainless steel, Buna-NTM, zinc plated, steel, and brass


3330-197 Rigid - Metered 3/4” BSPP (F) Inlet
3330-198 Flex - Metered 3/4” BSPP (F) Inlet
3330-199 Rigid - Metered 1” BSPP (F) Inlet
3330-200 Flex - Metered 1” BSPP (F) Inlet

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