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Fusion 2.4 (CCS) Central Control Keypad 3110-026

par Balcrank
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• Wirelessly controls and manages up to 8 fluids and 48 dispense locations
• Easy/fast entry of authorized PIN codes and job information on a Central Dispense Keypad
• Easy dispense and fast completion of work order
• Built in ticket printer produces a detailed written record for each work order dispensed
• Allows for future expansion of fluids and/or dispense locations
• Wireless fusion 2.4 control handles are the building blocks of both the fusion 2.4 CCS & DCS systems



Function: Wirelessly monitor and control fluid dispense
Requirements & Limitations:
• 2-way 902-928 MHz frequency hopping spread spectrum
• Tank measurements are; quarts, liters, Pints, and gallons
• Operating Temp.:14°F - 140°F (-10°C - 60°C) (Indoor usage only)
• fusion 2.4 systems may not work with cordless phones, or other electronic devices operating within the same frequency range.
Power: Input-110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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